Scope of Web after Covid-19

covid 19 is growing rapidly with the increasing number of confirmed cases globally, main changes seeing that people are trying to work from their own places and establishing their presence in online to get attention of the clients . There has been a huge increase in the number of websites that are being created. More and more clients are feeling the need for an online presence for their brand.

Several adjustments are made by the higher education institutions and the academicians to transform towards the online delivery mode in terms in preparing online lecture notes, assessments conducting online classes through zoom, google meet. however, the overall perceptions of this virtual education and delivery among the students and instructors in terms of compatibility, quality assurance, adaptability are yet to uncover during this covid 19 phase

It’s the right time for tech and web development companies mitigate their risk and need to plan something to deal with it. This virus caused the delay of several important conferences related to tech and web development on a large scale that impact business so much.